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New Project Type for Ribbons

What I heavily miss in CRM Solution Manager is support for customizing Ribbon/Commandbars of MSCRM.

There are some Point/Click tools in the CRM community available which does the job of customizing of ribbon/commandbar more or less well, but they have all there pros and cons and nonone covers the full scope, what is possible.

In my mind people customizing & developing with CRM Solution Manager have full and substantial CRM Developer knowledge in my opinion including XML and XSLT-Technologies.

So my prososal is very simple:
1. Please create a new Project Type Ribbons/Commandbars
2. Implement Menu Items for export/import/publish "RibbondiffXML" for the solution in scope.
3. Give Projectoptions to map RibbondiffXML with the Schema Files (e.g. RibbonCore.xsd).

Through 3 every RibbondiffXML-File has Intellisense Support and more easliy customized.

I my opinion these will boost our productivity in time and appplying features for customers. It will at least cover solutions on CRM 2011, CRM 2013, why not CRM 2015 too.

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Thank you for submitting this suggestion. Implementing what you suggest is not a simple task and we have other higher priority items currently planned. With that in mind we have no immediate plans to provide this functionality. That being said, we will certainly monitor the number of votes that this receives and perhaps reconsider this at a later date.


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